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The Little Yellow Bird

Updated: May 29, 2020

A true story about little yellow bird. When I was serving at a psychic fair in Chicago an elderly lady stepped up to my table for a reading. She handed her ticket to me and then proceeded to take a seat directly across from me. She mentioned that she was drawn to me due to my table decorations which held angels and stars. Each new month I decorated my area differently according to each season.

As soon as we introduced one another my little white Bichon dog (who was in spirit) came running up to me with a little yellow bird perched in the center of her head. My dog telepathically told me to tell the lady that I had a little yellow bird in her energy field. As soon as I mentioned the bird, it flew from my dog's head up onto the right shoulder of my client. I explained to the client what I was getting from spirit and I heard myself ask, "Does this make sense to you?" She without hesitation replied, " Yes!"

Once this energy was validated, my dog disappeared from the reading. She had done her part by presenting the yellow bird to me. As I continued the reading, I was telling the lady that this little bird was her beloved companion and that he sang to her many different songs over the years. He also impressed me that she spoke in German to him and sang him little songs as well.

Once all of this was validated, the lady got very emotional as she began to get tears in her elderly slightly wrinkled eyes. She blinked away her tears and then her lips curled into a smile. Her eyes were no longer sad but had a new light glistening forth as they began to twinkle with happiness.

She proceeded to tell me that the canary was her companion for many years and he had just passed away a few weeks prior to her arriving for this reading. He kept her company in her tiny apartment. She missed him dearly. She told me that this was the only reason she desired to have a reading. As she spoke, the little yellow bird sat on her right shoulder and was singing. I was impressed to whistle softly so she could hear what I was hearing. She smiled with tears and told me yes, yes, that was how he sang sometimes.

One never knows how a person may be feeling once they experience a loss. Even a Little Yellow Bird can bring much joy and love to one person. Love is never lost. Love is forever.

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