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John and the Deere

There I was in my Angel room, working on the phone with a client when suddenly I was aware of a John Deere lawn mower racing it's engine right through the double doors of the room. Now, this was all happening in the Etheric world but, being a clear seeing Medium I saw it quite clearly and heard the noise of the racing engine.

As quick I saw and heard this energy shift I was telling the client exactly what was occurring. Then I saw two men sitting on the mower. They were laughing and having a great visit with me. They told me to mention that they were together in the Spirit Realm and doing just fine. The driver of this machine felt as though he had been in Spirit for awhile and the passenger felt like a new arrival to the Spirit realm. The driver kept saying that his name was John, so I told the client and told them that I had a John here and it felt as though he had passed away while cutting the lawn.

“YES! YES!! YES!!!!” my client shouted. “That’s my brother in law!”

The other man told me to tell my client he loved her and was sorry he hadn’t done better when he was with her. He was her husband and had just passed two weeks earlier.

Once the session was completed, my client told me that her brother in law had passed away while sitting on his John Deere. His name had been John. Her husband had indeed passed away two weeks earlier and the two men had been best friends while they were alive in the physical world.

Throughout the many years I have spent working with Spirit I have had so many amazing experiences. Spirit loves to prove the continuity of Life after Death. I hope you enjoyed this true story.

~ Rev. Dolores Ponzetti

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