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From The Mouths of Babes

I often communicate with the souls of babies who are yet unborn to the physical world. They like to pop in sometimes and speak to me during readings. Now, as I realize this might seem impossible and, to be honest, I’m not sure I would believe it if I had not experienced it on multiple occasions, I’ll understand if you’re a little hesitant in believing me. Still, I’d like to share some of my experiences with you.

Many times over the years, I would be having a session with a client when I would suddenly sense a childlike spirit energy entering the reading. This soul energy did not yet exist in the physical world as it was still in the realm of existence that some would call heaven. The baby who it belonged to had not yet been conceived, much less born in the earth's physical form and their soul energy would speak through me in order to tell their future parents that they wanted to be born.

When I tell my clients that I have the soul energy of a baby who is asking to come to them as their child, they almost always have to pause and catch their breath before they can answer me.

After they catch their breath, they tell me that they had been either trying to conceive or seriously thinking about having a baby. Sometimes the client also tells me that they were considering artificial insemination. In this case, they are usually a little hesitant because the procedure is very costly and a stressful experience.

Spirit then flows through me and I hear myself telling my client exactly what they might consider doing so that they can have a baby without any assistance from fertility doctors. Usually the advice is very simple. Oftentimes, the client just needs to relax.

I always tell my clients that I am not a doctor, but I am delivering the message as I am hearing it from Spirit. They are therefore under no pressure to take my advice, especially if it contradicts what they have been told by a medical professional. That said, most of the clients who followed the spirit suggestions did in fact conceive and have children.

Not only did the future children speak to me as a soul energy prior to arriving on Earth in the physical, at times they spoke to me to let their future grandparents know that they were planning to arrive as their grandchild. Sometimes this is because they were not able to be born to the grandmother when she was young.

The soul energy of the future babies communicate telepathically with me during these sessions so there is no misunderstanding of what their message is. At times, the soul of the baby needs to experience an incarnation and to reconnect with the parent/parents and or the grandparent/grandparents.

We are truly all connected. Experiencing life on Earth brings forth many lessons in this Earth School. It allows for the soul to grow in ways that it could not experience when in the divine essence of 100% spirit in heaven. Earth is not an easy place to learn but it is possible to do so and allow your very own Soul to experience growth and expansion.

Sometimes the babies of heaven would express their need to be the first born and would say that another baby would come along to join the family unit at a later date. Most of the time, if not always, when this information would come forth, the first to be born explained that they needed the experience of being first and that the second baby was to be born in a time frame that would give them a perfect time to enter this world.

When the Soul energies speak to me during the sessions they have mentioned that they are all connected and know one another while they are in that state.

Sometimes the future children said that they had been twins in past lives, but this time they had been advised by the Karmic Board of the heavenly hierarchy that it would be best if they experienced life as single birth siblings. Sometimes one twin would stay in heaven and continue to observe the little one who was born.

During my experience with Spirit I have also talked to the Soul energies of babies who were lost during a pregnancy or who were never born alive. Sometimes I can help the mama who lost the baby by doing this as it can help to bring her healing.

What I have come to understand is that life is like a circle and we are all connected. We are in the family tree so to speak or we are on the Karma wheel together for many years of experiences.

Take away what it is you need and just leave the rest. If it doesn’t fit with your beliefs, just consider it food for thought.

God Bless~ Rev. Dolores Ponzetti 😇

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