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A Missing Stone (My Adventures With Rocks: Part One)

Several years ago, a little girl came to me in the Spirit world. She told me that her headstone had been misplaced and her loved ones were looking for it. She had some very exciting news, however - she had found it!

She was a very energetic little girl and had a very happy energy. She was bouncing - or should I say jumping - with joy, because she knew I was connecting with her in these moments.

I had met her grandmother a year earlier. This little spirit was now about five years old. She had made her transition two years earlier due to a tragic accident. She was only three years old at the time.

Only a few minutes after I had spoken with her, the phone rang. I stared at the thing in utter disbelief, not quite convinced that my senses weren't lying to me. When I snapped out of my frozen stupor, I sprang at it, suddenly in a desperate rush to answer the call. Could it be who I thought it was? Was it too good be true? A glance at the caller I.D. proved my suspicions correct, but perhaps it was broken?

It was not. The little girl's grandmother had called to tell me that the little spirit's birthday was approaching and, though she had been passed for two years, her headstone had never been placed. The company claimed it had been delivered, but still, her little plot remained bare. The family had hoped to have her headstone finally placed in honor of her 5th birthday.

As soon as we began to chat, the little spirit popped right back into my energy aura! She said, "Tell my grandma, tell her, tell her now!" I told her grandmother that I had been connecting with her granddaughter just before she had called, and that the little girl was very excited to tell her grandmother the that she had found her headstone.

Her grandmother took a deep breath to steady herself. When she spoke, her voice was one resigned to enduring disappointment. "Well," she sighed, "We looked everywhere and the cemetery office administration keeps saying they never got the delivery," another sigh, "...according to their records."

The little girl chose then to speak through me. "Just be still and listen to her message, Grandma," she said, using my voice. "Go to the office at the cemetery and ask to be taken to the outside storage area down the road away from their main office. Once you have your back to the office building you will see a tiny maintenance building made of brick. It is surrounded with a tall chain link fence. Tell them you wish to go inside the yard and look for my headstone. Once the maintenance man lets you inside the yard, walk to the far right corner that is nearest to the fenced area. My headstone is there underneath the other stones. They are covered over with Autumn leaves. Brush away the leaves and go down about six head stones. Have the man lift them for you. My beautiful headstone is right there!"

The grandmother was stunned.

Not long after, I received another call from the grandmother. She was so excited and happy that tears of joy ran down her face as she told me what had happened after our phone call. She had gone straight down to the cemetery and followed her granddaughter's instructions to the letter. And, after two years, she had, at last found the stone.

Poof- Wholla- Magical -Miracle - there it was - just like the little spirit girl had told us. A few days later, the cemetery placed the stone properly at the grave site. The family held a celebration by the new stone in honor of her fifth birthday.

Trust what you receive. Do NOT change what you get from the Spirit. Over my years of experience, I have found that they know what they are talking about. It is we here on the earth that do NOT believe.

Just like all of our "Stories to Share" this is the true story of one of my experiences.

Rev. Dolores ~AATC


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