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A Christmas Miracle

This, like all of my stories, is a true account of what happened because of a reading given by me with the direction of Spirit. It was about eight years ago, sometime around Thanksgiving and I was doing a phone reading.

The client was a lady who had been looking for a partner to share her life with. She had several grown children and had been divorced for some years. The loneliness was bothering her to the point that she felt she was withdrawing from people.

The lady told me that she went to her work and came home. She did only what was necessary to get through each day. She felt as though something was missing in her life. She told me that she did not want to spend the rest of her days alone.

I heard myself telling her that her loved ones in Spirit were showing me a Christmas tree and that she was decorating this tree in her home. She would be standing upon a chair just about ready to hang up the last ornament when her phone would ring.

“But, be careful getting down off of that chair to go check your phone,” I warned her, smiling a little as I did so. The Spirit was very insistent that I warn her and told me that I should be sure to mention that she had to answer that call.

I imagined how it would all play out. She’d check the caller ID and think that she didn’t really want to talk to anyone at the moment. However, at the very last second, I knew she would remember this reading and pick up that call.

It all played out just as I’d thought it would and it was a good thing that she answered her friend’s call because it was just as Spirit told her. She had been invited to join some friends on an outing where she could meet a new friend.

She was a little anxious, but she went to meet her friends and sure enough, there was a new person sitting at the coffee shop in the group to meet her that very day.

Spirit had told her in her reading that this would be the man who would love, cherish, and respect her. Not only that, but he was to become her husband. The Spirit also told her that he would love all of their children and be an amazing husband to her.

When she was introduced to him, she kept looking into the man’s eyes and remembering her message - that she will be drawn to this man, especially his eyes. That he will be her new husband and that she should trust it and not run away. Spirit arranged for this all to unfold in perfect Divine order.

I warned her that her relationship with this man would move along quickly and she would decide to marry him before she had known him very long. I told her that there would be many people who would oppose her decision for this reason. But, I also told her that she mustn’t listen to these people and should instead listen to her heart.

Just as the Spirit had told her, they fell in love at first sight and courted for a little while before they decided to marry.

Now, nearly ten years after that day when she hung up that very last Christmas tree ornament and felt her phone buzzing in her back pocket, she is still happily married to that man.

It sure is a good thing that she got down off of that chair to answer her phone, and even more so that she was brave enough to accept her friends’ invitation.

I suppose we should never say never - for the Spirit works miracles. We need but pay attention. When you have a strong desire that comes from love, your loved ones who have passed will always work to help and assist you.

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